Don’t Just Screen – Intervene!

Don’t Just Screen- Intervene!

A cardiometabolic protection algorithm

People with severe mental illness suffer a 20 year shortfall in life expectancy. Premature death is usually from preventable causes, such as heart disease and diabetes.

After people with a severe mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disease commence antipsychotic medications, they often gain large amounts of weight and the risk of obesity and all its metabolic complications is markedly increased.

With Australian and international collaborators, Professor Samaras has created a number of resources to guide clinicians and people living with severe mental illness to maintain the physical health they start with. Cardiometabolic protection. Diabetes and obesity prevention. Let’s not seed future health problems by ignoring opportunities for early intervention in people with severe mental illness.

A range of resources are available at the links below: